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Audio not functioning




I have recently come across a large number of computers with a similar issue: No Sound from the speakers if a laptop or any of the jacks if desktop or laptopheadphones I have found a solution to this problem which has worked every time in my case. The instructions are as follows:

  1. Open an elevated command prompt by right clicking on the start menu entry and selecting "run as administrator".
  2. Type "net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice" and press enter
  3. Type "net localgroup Administrators /add localservice" and press enter
  4. Type "exit" and press enter to close the command prompt
  5. Now Restart the computer and you should have audio again.



What to do if your windows PC locks up @ Configuring updates after a system restore

This error can be caused when the system fails to complete the update process, or if a virus gets into the system. The repair can be quite simple, once you have remove the virus infection if applicable, within safe mode locate and delete the file pending.xml located in the folder C:/Windows/Winsxs/

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Fun with circuit trace and solder

I know its a sin, but its hard not to be proud when you fix something others have said are impossible. In this photo you can see I have followed the usb trace wires back in order to repair this circuit board which was for the yearbook dept of a local school saving them hundreds of dollars. It apparently was broken by someone pushing the printer back on a desk into a wall with a bit too much force.

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